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21 Jun Cubs Scouts were treated to seeing a live archaeological dig site at Whitsbury Green, Fordingbridge

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One sunny evening, 1st Fordingbridge Cub Scouts joined Dom from Pre-Construct Archaeology at Pennyfarthing Homes site Whitsbury Green, Fordingbridge to look around the archaeological dig taking place there at present.

Dom started by explaining the first phase of a dig and the methods used to assess the point of interest. Such as aeroplane scanning systems and metal detectors.

The Cubs then dug for pre-historic flint work. Dom explained the history of flint work. He said "As humans developed their tool skills, flint got smaller and more precise. Then it starts to get bigger as humans found ways to turn metals into tools from the Bronze Age onwards".

Then the group walked around the field and were asked to find any patterns they could see. The Cubs pointed out a series of holes made up of a rectangle. Dom explained to the group that there was evidence of building work, such as a barn or shelter, proving that humans had settled at this location.

The highlight of the evening was seeing the Bronze Age pottery and three British-Romano coins found on site, which have now been sent to specialists for identification before being displayed.

To see Dom talking about their finds and site head to our YouTube channel. 

High Vis Jackets looking at Whitsbury Green, Fordingbridge

1st Fordingbridge Cub Scouts enjoying looking at the archaeological dig site.

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