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03 Jun Pennyfarthing Homes staff go above and beyond to support NHS workers and local communities

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According to the Department of Health and Social Care, 1.2 billion items of PPE had been delivered to the health and social care system as of 10 May. Although this is a huge number, in some areas there have been high profile appeals for much needed equipment and donations in the fight against the global pandemic. The response of Pennyfarthing Homes Construction Administrator, Kirsty Halligan, was to get to work. Since the UK went into lockdown at the end of March, Kirsty has been supporting NHS and key workers by making face masks, head bands and wash/scrub bags.

In total, Kirsty has now handmade and donated over 120 items of PPE to support the NHS, health and social care services and key workers at local hospitals and care homes through the New Forest Sewing for the NHS Facebook Group.

Kirsty explains: “I had three reasons, I have three sons and three lovely daughters-in-law. One works for the NHS, one works for a care home and one of my daughters-in law is recovering from breast cancer and that was what prompted me to do this, I wanted to say thank you, to all my family, and for her treatment. I like sewing and craft, so I had lots of bits of material, some people donated other fabric, but most of it I had already. I wanted to volunteer for the NHS, but it was oversubscribed so thought I could contribute by using my sewing skills. There is a local Facebook group, “New Forest Sewing for the NHS “. They explained what was needed and where to drop things off, so I dusted off my sewing machine and got to work.”

Across the country it is not just PPE that has been donated but an array of other gifts and treats as recognition of thanks and to show support to key workers and vulnerable people. Pennyfarthing Homes, Customer Care Administrator Clare Ellis who runs a small vegan bakery, The Vegan Scullery, alongside her full-time job wanted to show her support in the way she knows best, by baking! Clare adds: “I thought the NHS workers at my local hospital in Lymington might enjoy a home-made treat, so I donated 6 boxes of brownies to the staff. We also rescue hens and I have been giving their eggs to our neighbours who have been unable to leave their homes. There are a lot of elderly and vulnerable people in the area we live. Everyone is just doing their bit which is lovely.”

Following the recent COVID community support initiative rolled out to schools and foodbanks by Pennyfarthing Homes, Matt Dukes, Managing Director, said: “I would like to extend a special thank you to all of those at Pennyfarthing Homes who have gone above and beyond to support their local communities, key workers and the NHS during what is a difficult time for us all.”

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