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09 Jan Lymington couple found their perfect bungalow at Alexandra Meadows

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"The sales team at Pennyfarthing Homes couldn’t have been more helpful"

couple in living room of bungalow at Alexandra Meadows

The number of mainstream bungalows being built in the UK has plummeted, despite an ageing population. So, when Michael and Denise Lillywhite decided the time had come to make their next move to a single storey home they were delighted to discover that Pennyfarthing Homes were building bungalows at its Alexandra Meadows development, close to the town where they had lived for the last 22 years.

Denise and Michael wanted to stay in the area they had made their home for more than two decades, but the house they called home, with its terraced garden, had become too large to manage. Their first thought was around location as Denise explains: “Neither of us liked the thought of a flat or a retirement development and we didn’t want to leave the area, as we have made friends and a life we love but we’d both got to that stage when we needed to downsize and find somewhere more manageable for both of us. We weren’t prepared to sacrifice the privacy and convenience of a freehold house and were conscious that a flat or retirement development could come with extra costs like management or maintenance charges. For us, a freehold bungalow was the only option and through our initial online research, we were delighted to find that developers were still building this type of home, albeit few and far between so Alexandra Meadows was a rare gem to find!”

couple in kitchen of bungalow at Alexandra Meadows

For the Lillywhite’s easy access in the future for a walking frame or even a wheelchair was an important consideration and having everything on one level. Mr Lillywhite continues their story: “I’m not in the best of health these days so not having the hassle of stairs was key as well as being somewhere that was easier to manage. We still have three good size bedrooms, marvellous living space and a lovely garden for when our family and grandchildren come to stay. It’s all brand new of course and on one level which is just what we were looking for. My granddaughters insisted on seeing the place when they knew we were moving as they wanted to be reassured, they could still come to stay so Alexandra Meadows clearly met with their approval too!”

"We have a lovely manageable garden with views over farmland which I always wanted"

The Lillywhite’s fell in love when they saw the bungalow at Alexandra Meadows and already having carpets and light fittings, they were delighted not to have to worry about all the finishing touches. All they needed to do was get their current home on the market and sold and a few days after they did, their next door neighbour offered to buy it from them, to expand his bed and breakfast business. They knew it was meant to be.

Mrs Lillywhite continues: “We couldn’t believe our luck. We’d found our dream next home, a bungalow in the familiar surroundings of Lymington. Having had the house, we were selling valued we knew we could afford to buy as cash buyers. Then not to have to worry about selling our house because our neighbour bought it, was incredible. Everything fell into place, so we felt we were doing the right thing. Added to which the sales team at Pennyfarthing Homes couldn’t have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble, popping round to measure up for our furniture or taking our granddaughters round so that they could see it, made all the difference to our experience.

could walking through residential development in Lymington at Alexandra Meadows

“We’ve only been here a month and already it feels like home. We had to declutter and be ruthless, but it was worth it. We had such a good experience buying our bungalow and feel very lucky to have found it through Pennyfarthing Homes, especially as we’d restricted our search so much. We’ve kept our privacy; we were both quite worried about noisy neighbours if we’d moved to a flat and have no extra costs with a retirement home or not having a freehold home. We have a lovely manageable garden with views over farmland which I always wanted meaning we’re not overlooked.

“The internal layout of the bungalow is also very well thought out and the high-quality finish and the standard of customer care are superb so we couldn’t be happier with our decision. We have the peace of mind that we’re future proof, and not just for us but for our family too. I think there must be quite a few more people like us so, so well-done Pennyfarthing Homes for building more bungalows.”

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